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Welcome to DOCTOR SOLAR - the firm of Panacean Enterprise Pvt. Ltd, built on the basis of a very healthy nexus between members of the power industry, experts from the I.I.T’s and its alumni. DOCTOR SOLAR is a one stop solution for all your queries related to Solar Systems in India. We provide customized services Like EPC of Solar Systems (Roof top & Ground Mounted) and Operation & Maintenance for Solar system all over the India.

We assist you to understand all about Solar system. With nation-wide experience of our team, and also with the valuable experience of handling overseas projects, we can assist you in planning and operations of your Solar system.


Doctor Solar undertakes Engineering, procurement and construction of solar plants. With increasing emphasis on solar power by Indian Govt. EPC is benificial.

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Does your system have monitoring? We’ll let you know how your system is working and what if any improvements can be made to help improve your systems output.

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If your system isn’t working to expectations, we’ll find out why and handle everything for you. We’ll have your system up and running with maximum output in no time.

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Whether it is a rooftop or ground mounted system, the best way to keep your home’s system up and running at optimum levels is through maintenance. Want help?

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Solar System EPC, Solar Panel Washing, Cleaning, Maintenance and More.

We’re the professionals. We’re a team of highly dedicated solar specialists whose main focus is helping homeowner’s who’ve gone solar make sure they get the most out of their solar decision. We applaud those homeowner’s who’ve made the switch and we are dedicated to making sure your system works to capacity and meets your expectations for decades to come.

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Our work reflects who we are as a society.

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We will work to anticipate our customer’s needs and deliver on our promises. To achieve this, we will provide innovative products, fair and honest services, and stick to our ethical standards for every customer we serve.
We Believe in “Zero Quality Compromise”. Quality in terms of any Service or any Equipment which we serve to our Customers or Clients, that would not Compromised at any cost. Doctor Solar Promised for best quality.
We have our own experienced Team for every Services that we offered. We believe in Team work it gives us lot of confidence and looking forward to our Vision & Mission.
To get Success in any Service or Project there must be requirement of proper Management. We are Provide our services and Complete our Projects with Proper Process and planning.
In our Services we are given guarantee for Efficiency of your Solar system.
We have Experience in Renewable Energy Since 2016 and far experience in Operation & Maintenance.
The safety of our team, installers, and customers is paramount; and we will always integrate products that offer cutting edge safety and longevity; delivering peace of mind and energy security to our customers.

Our Services

Comprehensive Services to make your Solar Experience Seamless.

System Repair

Are your panels or inverter broken? Maybe you're not sure?
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Solar Roof Leak Repair

Did you get solar and now your roof is leaking? Your roofer can’t touch the solar panels?
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Panel Washing

Did you know that dirt, dust, smog, bird droppings, and grime will reduce your solar power production?
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EPC of Solar System

Are you Looking for Installation of Solar System at your roof of home or at ground free space? Do you want decrease your Electricity Bill?
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High Electric Bill Audit

Are you paying two bills now? Is your electric bill the same or more than before solar?
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Maintenance & Monitoring

Do you know how much your solar is producing? Do you know if your solar is even on?
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