EPC of Solar Plant

Panacean Enterprise undertakes Engineering, procurement and construction of solar power plants. With increasing emphasis on solar power by the Govt. of India our expertise in solar power EPC is certainly a plus for our clients.

Feasibility Services

This is the first step towards the Solar system design. Feasibility Survey gives us idea about Free space or feasible Area, Direction, Site sustainability for solar plant and we can do shadow analysis on site which is because of tree or any other obstacles.

Process for Feasibility survey: Here we list out our process for Feasibility survey which would be done by our Feasibility Survey Engineer.

Feasibility Survey for Rooftop Solar System

Site Sketch

Prepare Site Sketch with Proper Dimensions and mark all the obstacles in roof or Land where we need to install Solar system.

Latitude and Longitude

Identify latitude and longitude of the sites.


Need to identify the direction of site so we can decide facing of solar panels (N-S-E-W).

Azimuth Angle

If site face in South-West or South-East then we have to identify azimuth angle for particular site.

Height of Building

Height of Building help us to identify cable length and its power loss.

Location for Equipment

Location identification for equipment like Inverter, ACDB, DCDB, Lightning Arrester & Earthing pits.

Grid Connectivity

Identification of grid connection of Site i.e. Single Phase or Three Phase.

Feasibility Survey for Ground Mounted Solar System


Need to identify the direction of site so we can decide facing of solar panels (N-S-E-W).

Type of Soil

Hard, Soft, Rocky, Sand etc. soil test should be done to identify the strength of soil which helps to decide our structure and foundation design.

Undulation of Land

It will give idea about slop of Land.

Observation of objects

Observation of objects like Tree, Transmission lines & any other obstacles on land helps to determine the need of shadow.


The distance of land from the grid substation helps to estimate transmission losses.


Capacity of Grid Sub Station Transformer, Voltage rating & Bay availability helps to decide our power plant rating.

Latitude and Longitude

Identify latitude and longitude of the sites.

Government Approvals and Liasoning Works

In case of On Grid Solar System, it is mandatory to take approvals and do some documentation work with DISCOMs because since the DISCOM would need to perform a feasibility study (like checking the feeder line capacity, transformer capacity, sanctioned load, etc.) before giving approval to install the on-grid system. Panacean has a dedicated team for this Liasoning Work. They would take full responsibility to take all approval and Documentation till the generation of correct 1st bill after Commissioning of plant. The procedure for getting the approvals would be explained clearly to the customer since there are documents that would need to be submitted from the customer’s side to the DISCOM.

A flowchart of the interconnection process is provided below which would help the customer in understanding the various stages of the approval process. Typically, there are 3 stages:

  • Application process
  • DISCOM review process
  • Installation and Commissioning

Design of Solar System

After Feasibility Survey and Approvals Our dedicated and experienced design team coming in action. They do the mentioned task below:

Solar System Design & Analysis

As per the feasibility survey our design team do the simulation on Simulation Software i.e. PVsyst and generates report for whole system.

In this Process we get an idea of yearly estimate of generation of energy, different Losses, Selection of PV Module, Selection of Inverter and economic evaluation.

Make 3D Design lay out & Shadow Analysis of project site

3D Design of Project site will give idea of how many modules will be mounted in feasible area and most importantly Shadow Analysis. It includes structure design also.

Roof Top Solar System 3D Design

Ground Mounted Solar System 3D Design

Module Mounting Structure 3D Design

Seassional Tilt Structure Design

Detailed Project Report Preparation

Detailed Project Report (DPR) is a part of the total business plan submitted to venture capitalists or financial institutions. It is the culmination of all analyses related to the project. The analyses of market demand as well as technical and financial are presented in a systematic format, in the DPR. The Estimate for the proposal of any scheme majorly is based on various factors such as:

  • Estimate of scheme is prepared on budgetary offer received for similar work of scheme by venture capitalists.

  • The estimate also considers expenses towards the cost of civil structure works, transportation, installation, testing, commissioning charges & contingencies.

  • Land Cost

  • Packing, forwarding, inland transportation & insurance at the rate of 2.5% for all equipment have been considered.

  • Erection, testing & commissioning charges are considered as 8% of supply cost for mechanical & electrical equipment.

  • 3% of the equipment cost has been considered towards cost of spares.

  • Goods & Service tax at the rate of 18%.

  • We have the experience of DPR preparation for various schemes.

Installation & Commissioning

Panacean has its own Installation & Commissioning team who executes whole project as per all design and analysis.

Tender Management

We Provide Service of Preparing Tender Documents of Big Solar Projects and Government Projects. Panacean has a dedicated team for this work and they Prepare Tender documents as per the MNRE Guidelines.

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